Natural Flu Prevention

Looking for a natural alternative to the contenional flu shot?

Flu shot hamilton natural flu prevention hamilton

 The Naturopathic Doctors at Lococo Wellness Clinic  have a natural flu prevention protocol.  Our Naturopathic Doctors can help to increase your immune system this winter through acupuncture treatment, intravenous vitamin therapy, nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy.



The immune system needs to be supported and strengthened to reduce frequent illness.  The immune system is negatively affected by stress, diet, weather, lack of exercise and emotional health.  

During the winter months we are engaged in less physical activity as the desire to ‘hibernate’ from the cold is instinctual.  We consume a heavier diet in an attempt to warm the body and soul, we have more stress due to the ‘winter blues’, we are exposed to less sunlight and therefore have a low vitamin D status.

So many different factors are having an effect during the winter season.  We need to prevent illness by increasing vitamin status, maintaining an active lifestyle and strengthening our immune system.  Book today to prevent/or heal colds and flus this winter season.

If you are currently feeling ill due to a cold/flu come in ASAP.  Our Naturopathic Doctors can reduce the duration and severity of your cold or flu.